H2020 proposals writter

I've become a professional proposal writer for the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. My interdisciplinary profile has the required skills (both technical and market/business) to develop high quality reports that increase the chances of your company to win H2020 proposals (up to date with more than 50% of proposals accepted!!) and have easy access to up to €2 million for further developing and expanding your product.

Currently working on these proposals

Next generation mobility solution to modernize Europe’s passenger transport infrastructure

Each year, 3.3M people die from pollution, mainly caused by combustion engines in large cities, and the damages cost the EU €1.2 trillion/year. Several transportation initiatives have emerged to solve the situation, but current solutions (car-sharing, taxis or public transport) are not able to fully exploit this opportunity. This project provides the ideal solution to these problems: an ICT solution for private and public transport which allows large transport infrastructures to use dynamic schedules, ride-sharing and passenger pooling methods. This solution outperforms its competitors as (1) it is designed to maximize the utilization through a ridesharing feature for dynamic routes (taxis, chauffeur) and for fixed route services (buses, public transport), (2) offers fully customized mobile apps both for drivers and end-users and (3) is suitable for both public and private road transport; all with the best convenience for passengers at a lower price. The solution is disruptive to the transportation sector, having already found high interest with agreements and contracts signed with major public transport players in Germany.

Past proposals

Securing a healthy indoor air climate while saving energy in buildings with space technology

Most exposure to outdoor air pollution does occur indoors (90%), causing 67% of the total burden of disease related to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With 90% of European citizens spending 90% of their time indoors, good indoor environment is a key public health issue. The overall annual economic cost of health impacts and mortality derived from air pollution in Europe is estimated at €1,273B. Current Air Handling Units (AHU) approaches are neither optimal nor flexible as the better IAQ they get, the more energy they consume; the more energy they save, the lower IAQ they get. Being air treatment responsible for 40% of total building consumption, about 75% of the lifetime cost of these systems is typically energy cost, and only ventilation-related operations may represent up to 26% of the electricity expenses in large offices. This project is to develop an Air Handling Optimization system to be integrated into current or new AHUs. It guarantees a predefined IAQ while optimizing the energy consumption (~40%). Its smart algorithm achieves this optimal operability by intelligently exploiting data acquired from several sensors and by combining traditional ventilation used on Earth with the actual technology for climate control in the International Space Station. The solution has been designed to fit any existing AHU, always enhancing host AHU functionalities no matter AHU capacity.

Applying AI to knowledge for optimizing customer support

I've just accepted to write a proposal regarding a novel online system exploiting latest AI techniques for optimizing customer support end-user experience and its internal processes.

USB-C, DC-centric electricity networks and IoT for implementing smart-buildings/smart-grids concepts

What would the digital world be without electricity? After years, let's say, separated from the world of electrons, I come back with a project approaching the importance of a digital monitoring and control for an optimal electricity supply, distribution and consumption.

Revolutionizing the way diabetes is managed

Working on explaining how IT innovation can support people suffering from diabetes. I was required to improve an already existing proposal. I changed quite a lot of things and I made some really cool graphics. I hope it to be funded.

Music and ... video-games!

I don't really want to talk much about this new exciting project; it seems to me pretty pretty interesting. Just to say that it will try to use music in video-games ... let's say, from a totally novel point of view :)

When routers become smart

I've been involved in writing a technical report and market analysis for the European Commission's H2020 programme. This intelligent platform for smart-home management is able to analyse, diagnose and solve any issue concerning your home ICT infrastructure, your home-deployed devices and the services running on them by applying latest AI techniques; it makes everything in the home work. The underlying idea behind its core is to transform Internet Service Providers (ISPs) routers into smart ones; this transformation is approached from a novel holistic (and incremental) perspective: (1st) WiFi connectivity optimization and error-solving, (2nd) connected-home devices and services management (WiFi_2.0) and (3rd) connected-home ecosystem platform.

Artificial intelligence for content generation

I've participated in writing a technical and market report for the European Commission's H2020 programme about an automatic content generation tools that, besides maintaining general authoring tools functionalities, offers, in addition, a special focus on content, as it can automatically identify, acquire and process that digital content most adapted to the course developer aims. This tool is the first and only authoring solution integrating latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, being able to automatically generate affordable, high quality and tailor-made e-learning contents, adapted to the customer needs by processing both, formal and informal content sources, coming from both, public or private repositories. Furthermore, it also exploits latest AI technologies to integrate a smart agent working as a virtual tutor offering a personalized “one- to-one” learning experience to students. All in all, this approach solves the problem of low-cost development of high quality e-learning specific contents.

Prescription errors alerting system

Within this I've been involved in writing a technical report and market analysis on an innovative patient-specific Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for the European Commission's H2020 programme. The system, that identifies and alerts on prescription errors in real-time, addresses both health and economic burdens of medication errors. As a result of its high accuracy and clinical relevance, it improves patient safety, outcomes and experience, while dramatically reducing healthcare costs. The architecture of this CDSS seamlessly aggregates patient and drug data from multiple EHR sources and makes use of big data analytics and advanced machine learning algorithms to identify previously undetectable prescription errors. Its technology, based on crowdsourced physician practice patterns, allows to predict future outcomes by comparing individual patients to extremely similar reference cohorts.

Collaborative management

I was told to write a technical report and market analysis on the first and only digital workspace for a global and integral collaborative management support, for an European Commission's H2020 programme. The system includes within the same product all the necessary tools and functionalities to completely manage any kind of business. With its multi-device single-point-of-access and an impressive User eXperience (UX) design, it ensures ubiquitous communication between team members and an always up-to-date operability. Companies do not only save time and money by applying its collaborative management techniques, but also by approaching them from a single and integrated tool.

Eliminating digital obsolescence

Within this H2020 proposal we aimed at transforming a SW tool for preserving digital art into the first and only computing environment for comprehensive digital preservation. With little technical risk, the system would be extended and adapted in order to become the first rapid-deployment solution for supporting digital preservation and obsolescence-avoidance tasks from an integral perspective, offering an out-of-the-box and no-maintenance product. In parallel, a more ambitious version of the service will be developed to cover the security and regulatory requirements of key strategic sectors (aerospace and energy industries), offering a standardised but industry-tailored solution for their particular digital obsolescence problems.