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The best biotech complement

Miguel is the best technical partner; while I'm 90% focused on ICT projects, he extends ()_parÈntesis' impact towards biotech subjects.

With a background in Biotechnology and Health Sciences and later an MSc degree in Innovation Economics and Management, Miguel decided to pursue novel career goals and became a business developer and proposal writer mainly dedicated to accelerating SME’s access to finance under the H2020 funding scheme. Since then, he has successfully provided dedicated and customer-focused support to high-tech companies with cutting edge technologies in several fields: Biotechnology, Healthcare and medical devices, Virtual Reality, Logistics and Transportation, Energy and Sustainability. Due to his vast accumulated expertise and projects driven autonomously, Miguel was able to master the European funding support programmes helping Startups and SMEs to launch their products in the market, grow exponentially and stand-out in their respective markets.


Sociology + technology = Patricia

Patricia is my sociology expert (although she constantly learns many things from me, I must admit this is reciprocal). With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, she tends to focus her work on gender and human relations. However, she still has an heterogeneous profile, with many concerns within the IT sector: technology and sexism, digital literacy, elder people and technology, digital divide ... and whatever other area where human relations are influenced by technology.


Project manager and entrepreneur (both for ICT ... and beyond!)

With a pretty international background (always flying between Spain, Israel, USA, Italy, ...) Begoña studied Telecommunications Engineering but, like me, she is not a Telecommunications Engineer. She is ... Begoña, a restless soul that knows how to abstract from low-level implementations (yes, we can hire someone for that) and focus on high-level strategies, processes, synergies and other key market issues. Definitely, she's a Swiss Army knife of project management that will look your project from a pretty innovative and particular point of view.