H2020 proposals writter

I've become a professional proposal writer for the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. My interdisciplinary profile has the required skills (both technical and market/business) to develop high-quality reports that increase the chances of your company to win H2020 proposals (up to date with more than 50% of proposals accepted!!) and have easy access to up to €2.8 billion for further developing and expanding your [...]


Technical translations, proofreading and text-editing

Different text types have their specific linguistic characteristics as well as typical errors. Scientific texts, technology texts, legal and administrative texts, media content (even fictional texts), they all require a particular approach. There are, however, some general rules when translating or correcting, which apply to all texts [...]


Digital transformation

I'm proud of collaborating with COLPOLSOC (Colegio de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología) and in analysing how digital transformation is being implemented in the Spanish Administration. After digitalization, digital transformation embraces all the processes leading to the profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to [...]



My colleagues Elena, Guzmán and me, we have the opportunity of developing a game in the big big screen of Medialab-Prado. We have already think about what game to offer and right now we are working on the necessary tools to deploy our idea [...]


Evidential & context-aware recommender

This work describes a novel strategy implementing a context-aware recommendation system. It has been conceived to offer an intelligent selection of micro-services used to orchestrate networks of smart objects taking into account users’ needs and preferences. The recommendation offering dynamically evolves depending on [...]


Attitude-based interaction with augmented objects

My colleague David developed a virtual reality application for physical objects augmentation. I extended this application with user-object interaction and resource filtering capabilities. Its strategy prioritizes the available resources depending on the spatial history of the user, his real-time location and orientation and, finally, his active touch and focus interactions with the virtual overlay [...]


Light inference contextual reasoning

In this work I have explored the state-of-the-art on data representation and reasoning tools for embedded mobile reasoning and propose a light inference system (LIS) aiming at simplifying embedded inference processes offering a set of functionalities to avoid redundancy in context management operations. The system is part of a service-oriented mobile software framework, conceived to [...]

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